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Greek Mannlicher


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Hallo to everybody

I am a new mamber on this forum.And I am looking fo a stock for a Mannlicher Schoenauer M 1903/14 perhaps one of you can offer me one.I am a shooter and shoot Ordonnanzgewehr contests in Germany for the time with a K98 M auser this is my MS 1903/14

IPB Image



Best Regards George

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There is a U.S. company that sells parts for obsolete military rifles called Springfield Sporters. They list parts for the Greek M.S., though they don't show a stock. You might want to contact them.




Good luck!



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CMP, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, has a lot of shoots with American military surplus rifles, but not with milsurps from other countries. There are private clubs that have milsurp shoots on occasion just for fun.

What country are you from?

We don't see Greek rifles for sale here.

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Hallo FC

I am Greek born and grow up in Germany . I live in Germany were the gunrules are more ristrikt then

in the states.I shoot in a club over 10 years more disziplines( 9mmpistol,.357mag Revolver,.22lr. sportpistol

and the Ordonnanzgewehr called here=military rifles in service until 1965 in my Federation).The Greek Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles have been sold to USA at 1959.In the europian Market you dont find any of them i have only a deaktiveted MS 1903/14 and need a stock for this.




Best Regards George

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Hello, Did you ever find a stock for your Mannlicher? If you didn't, I have a Mannlicher carbine, a 1903/14 system 1930 model. The stock on it is essentially OK but has receded from the metal near the top of the magazine on the left side and has the front stock screw that has wallowed a bit. I have wanted to send it to one of those companies that have duplicating machines to have it copied. I think they only charge $75 to $100 or so if you provide the opriginal. If you are interested, I wouldn't think it would be that hard to have them cut two, if you're interested. That would at least give you an unfinished copy for which you could find the corresponding buttplate, etc. Let me know and I'll get back to, bc in Ky. U.S. A.

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Guest Guest_achill_*

Thanks Bob

for your offer but the stock what you have is for the Mannlicher Schoenauer System 1930 or M 1903/14/30

I have a M1903/14 rifle (1229mm ).Now I have a Mannlicher Schoenauer System 1930 the last purchase of

Greece in the 30´s.IPB ImageIPB Image

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Hallo Bob,

have you duplicate the stock of your Mannlicher Schoenauer M 1930 what was the

result and how much cost the duplicating.


Greetings From Germany George


PS:my e-mail adress: georg.karamitros@freenet.de



I am still searching a stock for my M 1903/14

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