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J&g's Yugo Mausers


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Got a look at them today at the Crossroads of the West Gunshow. A 24/47 for 119 bux not a bad buy, in great shape and they appear to be refinished. What I liked best about them is they can be handled. They are greasy but it appears as though whomever put it on knew someday he might be taking it off. Of all I looked at, all numbers appeared to be matching. One I looked at had an excellently done wood repair in the recoil cross bolt area.


I made up my mind before I left for the show, to save my money and don't buy any guns. I tried but the sales people at J&G's table held me down and beat me untill I agreed to buy two. I fought back but they had me out numbered. BS aside, J&G was doing so much business I had about a 40 minute wait. I couldn't believe the amount of Romainian AK's they were moving.


I also grabbed two boxes of 32 S&W Long LWC match grade for 11.95 per box. Seems a shame to waste match grade ammo in my Nagant revolver but it is allot cheaper than buying Nagant ammo. Any hard core 32 S&W Long shooters would be wise to jump on it while it is cheap.

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man i hate it when they gang up on one and make em buy. pricks! thats a good deal, my dealer tried to sell me one for 200 bucks! yeah Prick with a captial P! 32 s/w long....i need some shorts..they got any shorts?


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