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Rubin Stock


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Can you post a picture of the crack?


There's several ways to repair a cracked stock, but we'll need to know where its cracked to tell you how best to proceed.

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find reason for crack and correct if possible, e.g., relieve wood around tang,


open crack


insert adhesive (narrow cracks use goos fresh cyanoacrylate, wider cracks get good epoxy)


clamp shut


wipe off all extra adhesive


let cure twice as long as directions say


drill hole(s) perpendicular to crack


insert epoxy


put epoxy on brass machine screw


install screw, leaving 1/2' between head of screw and wood


wipe up all extra epoxy


let cure twice as long


cut off and carefully file


you are done


properly applied epoxy or acraglas or wood glue is as strong or stronger than wood. a properly repaired crack will stay repaired. military arsenals use brass pins. I have pinned a few stocks, three I can think of, all have stayed repaired.


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AcraGlas is a fine product that will repair cracked stocks if you can get into the crack. Don't opt for cheap epoxies that you may find in hardware stores. Get the Brownell's AcraGlas. It is worth the extra trouble. They even make stains to color it to match yor stock...........Mike

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