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Rust Blue


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Hi guys. Have any of you done touch rust bluing? Can it be done? I have a Mauser sporter that was done in Germany after WWII that someone drilled and tapped for a side scope mount. It looks like they deburred the holes with emery cloth then left bright. I would like to touch up this area with rust blue to match without doing the whole action. Or would I be better off to use cold blue. Opinions needed.





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To do it right.. of course the thing must come apart... Standby now.. while I embarrass myself by proving I am Bubba!!!

When doing small areas, I heat the area gently w/ propane torch and rub, burn,rub etc... w/ BLO, till I get the color I want!! I know!!!! but it generally comes out real nice for me... durable [kinda] too.. And it don't hurt nothin!!! MV

EDIT.. Yes I do take it outa the stock first!!!!!

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I have done a touch-up using rust bluing with moderate success. The items I did blended better than cold blue. Rather than boiling the entire piece. I steamed the area that was touched up.


R Wims

Heard of that also... I just can't seem to get steam to work well for me!!! MV

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