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Restoring A Mod 94 Swedish Carbine


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swedish 94

:rolleyes:<_<:unsure::blink::angry::ph34r::huh::lol:;):(:P:oB):D:) I'm new at this mauser craze, but have been forever hooked. I inherited a swedish 94 carbine from my wifes grandfather.All the numbers match and it is a Carl Gustaf 1903. The stock has been shortened and hacked on to the point that I have purchased an other stock complete with all rings etc. The rear sight was removed and 2 holes were drilled completely into the barrel with one having a very small crack running a quarter inch into the barrel. I have several questions. 1. can the holes and crack be welded without damaging the rifling ? The holes and crack are right where the military sight would be. If I have to change the barrel, there goes the matching numbers. I want to maintain the6.5X55caliber. Of course the stock numbers on my new,old stock won't match anyway. 2. The original rear sight is gone and I am having difficult time finding one anywhere parts are available. Does anyone out there have one? Mod 96 is not same as 94 and everyone seems to have 96 sights. I dream of putting it back in military condition, maybe dropping a buck, and then retiring it in honor of grandpa B. I would be forever grateful for help from all you mauser pros. THANX!!!!



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Welcome to the Forum. Mauseritis is addictive.


I hate to tell you, but your barrel is toast. I applaud your intention of returning the gun to full military status. Just think of a rebarrel and restock job as essentials that any arsenal would do to refit and refurbish a military rifle. It won't be a matching number gun, but it will be correct.


Look on ebay, Gunbroker, Auction Arms, Gunsamerica, etc., to try to buy a takeoff barrel. They won't be cheap, as Swede barrels command a premium.


Good luck!



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I agree with Clem.I saw in my last Shotgun News,94 barrels in the Sarco ad for 79.00.The 94's are wonderful little rifles and I would love to have one to finish out my 96 collection.A good stock,another barrel,all other parts correct,and you'll have a way nice rifle.I like the Idea of shooting a deer with it before putting it up,but I really think you should shoot and enjoy it a lot to honor your wifes Grandad.Welcome to the board KS,and keep us informed on your progress. Jerry

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