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Another "help Me Id This" Thread


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Saw this the other day at a gun shop, took some quick (although crappy, sorry) pics with my cell phone...


It has a straight pull bolt, internal magazine, and all numbers have been ground off, but the rifle is in great shape


According to the shop its NOT a Mauser....but he thought a Steyr maybe?


But its really cheap so I thought about rescuing it, just wondering what it is and what caliber it might be:















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M95 long rifle.


mannlicher design.


made by steyr and the hungarians.


original caliber 8x50R, most rechambered to 8x56R. if rechambered, there will be a big S on the barrel shank.


check the bore, they can be bad.


all surplus ammo is corrosive. 8x50R is not common. 8x56R is not uncommon, but not cheap, usually at least $0.75/rd.


they require clips to shoot, the surplus usually comes on them.


hornady makes new ammo.


bullets are 0.329, so 8mm does not work. the 8x50R ammo used 0.323 bullets, but they were cup-based so they expanded to the bore.


grafs has the brass and bullets, and lee makes a correct mold.


they are neat guns, I have one and like it, but mine is the short rifle. they shoot a 205-gr bullet at 2400 fps or so, not bad. many people think they kick like a mule, but not me.



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