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Modifying Original Stock


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I have been looking at a lot of Mosin sites for stock conversion ideas. I have found a lot of variations. I finally decided that I would take my Remington 700as a basis to go off of. In the end I plan to paint the stock a flat black. I initially bought two 91/30's. I plan to work on both at the same time except for the final paint scheme. I'm undecided for the second rifle. What I really need some suggestions on is how to paint the stocks after I have pillar bedded and floated the barrel's. My concern is the paint interfering with the interior of the stock. Should I tape off the barreled action, install it and then paint the stock? I will post pics occasionally and I am always very open to all suggestions. I also plan to use aluma-hyde II to paint the barreled actions so the other question I have is do I pillar bed after I paint the barreled action?


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My concern is the paint interfering with the interior of the stock



I have not yet [painted] a stock but have done dozens with Tru-Oil. After the bedding work such as crossbolts, pillars, etc is done and the action is epoxy bedded. Any remaining exposed wood inside such as magazine cutout, barrel channel etc is coated with at least 3 coats of oil finish thinned 50% mineral spirits so it is thin enough to soak [into] and protect the wood real well from moisture absorption which can/will cause warping. No need to paint or finnish the epoxied portions as they are already water proofed.

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Thank you this is my first attempt at something like this. Yes, I just filled the sling hole and finished Sanding. The comb? Is that the area with the groove and recoil lug? I would like to extend the pistol grip but I'm not quite sure how or what to use to do it. I have started shaving it in at the top. I don't have big kossack hands so I also was basing that area off of my Remington. I appreciate the comments and welcome any and all advice.

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The comb? Is that the area with the groove and recoil lug?


The [Comb] is the raised portion of the stock behind the pistol grip that you rest your cheek on.


Wrist.... is the thin portion behind reciever arching down into pistol grip.


Heel.... is top/rear end of butt stock that contacts your shoulder.


Toe.... is bottom of butt stock where it contacts your shoulder.

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Were it me, and I was already going all out with Bondo, I would flatten out both the bottom and top of the stock with a disk sander and ad a pistol grip to the bottom, and a comb at the top by laminating on additional wood/bondo. I would also do the end of the stock so I could add a good butt pad. But that's just me.

You are doing an outstanding job as is.

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