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1903 Rock Island low serial number


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(6/5/05 15:24)

Reply 1903 Rock Island low serial number


I have a good 1903 Rock Island low serial number rifle with a RA 1944 barrel serial number (179xxx) that I would like to shoot but was told these rifles were not safe to shoot. I also was told that a large number of our troops used low serial number Rock Island rifles during the second world war without any problems. It was said that the real problems came from early 30-06 ammo. What is the real story, does anyone have any experience with shooting these rifles?


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(6/5/05 20:47)

Reply Re: 1903 Rock Island low serial number


I'm sure I'll get some crap for this...


If it's a "low numbered" rifle, and you'd like to shoot it as-is (i.e., with no modifications) I know of no reason why it can't be used with cast bullets and reduced loads. I am talking about REALLY light loads.


If you want to remodel it as a sporter and run full-power loads through it, get another rifle. Any Springfield rifle has collector value, and you can sell it and get three or more fine, safe mausers for the sale price.


Punching paper is the same with a bullet at 1200 fps or 2800fps. If you take care in building uniform, consistent loads, you will be rewarded with accurate results on paper.


Midway does sell pre-cast 30 caliber bullets in 115, 165, 170, and 200 grains. These have gas checks and appear to be pre-lubed. The only thing that you'd need to load these is a case mouth "belling" die to open the case mouth enough to prevent shaving the bullet during seating.




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(6/7/05 5:29)

Reply Re: 1903 Rock Island low serial number


Thanks for your reply. You have given me two options that I will think about.

Thanks again, Mike




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(6/7/05 21:26)

Reply Re: 1903 Rock Island low serial number


Try this site. Lots of good info on Springfields.



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