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Triggers Have Arrived


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I apologize if you sent me your mailing address and I lost it. I'm having computer problems and wiped out the file I was storing addresses in. Here is what I mailed today. If you don't see your last name with zip code get me your mailing address asap. Timney says apx 5 weeks and a possible price increase on future Nagant triggers.


XickX 77511-7069

XorroX 63304-4559

XochraX 78114

XrebX 68138-3322

XsterhouXX/XtuX 46923-9513


Triggers were insured for 90.00 each and sent First Class mail. First Class postage and insurance cost apx 4-5. Priority Mail used for combined order with scope. The Post Office has changed their policy since I retired, a signature will not be required unless the insured value exceeds $200. I'm sorry but I can't get the remainder in the mail until Monday. I'm assisting with a VFW shooting contest and get-together for blind shooters and gun collectors tomorrow morning. I wont be back in time to get to the Post Office.

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Thanks Az!


They are going to raise the prices on the Mosin triggers? I wondered if they would since they sold out almost as fast as the made them.


Keep in mind I was dealing with the same unfriendly receptionist that wouldn't deal with me on price. Mr Timney, the founder's son told me few years ago when I purchased a few triggers at retail price that all I had to do was bring them in and they'd install and adjust while I wait. The receptionist denied they had such a policy and told me 2-3 weeks if I wanted to leave it. Also she said possible price increase. I can only guess but if somebody like Bold or another competitor doesn't get into the Nagant market Timney will do like most other businesses and sell them for what the market will bear.


Here is the remainder I have going out tomorrow's mail. Sorry I couldn't get them into Saturday's mail. I was assisting with a VFW event that had been planned months ago and I couldn't back out.


XXunteX 15044

XXaudX 33170-2112

XXaveX 78114

XXunsheXX 45050

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I hope you guys do it again... I want to be at the top of the list!


Biblethumpncop, we got your's covered when Timney has the Nagant triggers available again. Timney told me about 5 weeks. So may be in a couple of weeks we could start gathering interest again in another group buy. We'll need to talk with Rivitar but I believe we are going to need to order at least ten triggers. They don't have to all be Nagants.

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