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"semi-Sporterized" Finnish M39 Project


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Finally, a forum where I won't be chastised for wanting to "upgrade" a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant.


Here's my project parts list...

A Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant, dated 1944, hex receiver, very good stock, pristine bore

"Rock Solid" Industries hex scope mount, bolt body w/bend handle, socket action screws & aluminum bedding pillars

Huber Concepts trigger

CR Surplus S.S. firing pin spring

Max Shepherd pull ring cocking knob

Burris Fullfield II 3X-9X-40mm scope w/Burris rings (Note-I don't really care for a "scout" scope on a long range rifle)


I plan to keep the original M39 stock, because I really like the way they look. And I'm going to keep the iron sights, even though I won't be able to see them with the Rock Solid mount installed.


I'll probably have a gunsmith do the Rock Solid mount installation because I want to be sure it's true, square and level. And I just don't have access to the proper equipment to ensure this is done right, or the experience.


Has anyone out there "Semi-Sporterized" a Finn. M39?


Is there an aftermarket Mosin Nagant firing pin available?


I'm interested in hearing thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, cautions, etc., which will help me along with my project.


My goal is to end up with a 1"MOA (or better) Finnish M39, which can easily be used with my 47 year old eyes.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



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Finally, a forum where I won't be chastised for wanting to "upgrade" a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant.



Is there an aftermarket Mosin Nagant firing pin available?




I haven't heard of any aftermarket firing pins being available. If your pin is denting the primer to deep, you can have a gunsmith file it back. I would scope it out and see how it shoots. Often, as in my case, it's the shooter that's off a hair.


Your project sounds fun - hope you enjoy marking some targets.

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You're going to be very happy with the products from Rock Solid! They do beautifull work, and the turn-around time is quick.


Regarding your firing pin question, why are you looking for an after-market piece? The existing pin can easily be adjusted if it is striking too deep, or too shallow by utilizing a standard Mosin multi-tool that comes with nearly every rifle commercially sold (it's the tear drop shaped tool with a screw driver blade on the narrow end, and some notches in the side). The largest notch is used to rotate the firing pin in the cocking piece with the bolt head removed. The next two notches are for measuring the maximun and minimum range for firing pin protrusion from the bolt face. It's a pretty handy tool that allows you to perform an LTI on your bolt (if only they had found a way to include go, no-go gauges in the basic tool kit!)


Post up some pictures as your project comes along. I have an M39 as well, and will be more than likely mounting a PE style scope on it sometime early next year.


Good luck, and have fun with your project!

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