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Arisaka Question


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Riceone and other Japanese knowlegable members.


Did all Japanese military rifles originally have a Mum?


Even the ones originally made as trainers etc. Or were some de-mumed by the Japanese when they were relegated to trainer and school status?

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Looks like I am a year late. Some left the factory with a concentric circle stamp and some with elongated "M" stamped in place of the mum. I have seen evidence that some were ground and these two stamps added. There also could be some with school markings as 11echo said. I have not been on the boards much this past year, Hope to do better this year.If any of you live in driving range of Cleveland, MS I will hold my seventh annual SEMCA collectors meeting here at my farm shop at the south edge of town. Cleveland is two hours south of Memphis, TN on US Highway61,You are all welcome, bring a display with you. Its a small show but we usually have 16 or so tables full of WW11 stuff to look at. There will be collectors from all the states around. Dates are Friday and Saturday February 1st and 2nd, little over two weeks from now. Clemseon there will be a guy from Charlotte, NC here also. roy

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