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Anyone Try This?


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was wanting to know if anyone has re crowned there barrel this way and if it works, or if this is somthing to stay away from doing. i can see how it may work, but i think it would leave shards of metal in the lands and grooves of the barrel which would be detrimental to accuracy.... no?


it would be nice if this worked as i could re-crown my turk barrel without having to buy the tools to tear it apart. (yet)

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Never tried, but it don't look kosher to me. The Brownell's tools have a pilot thus ensuring the edge of the crown is square to the axis of the bore. The carriage bolt head will polish the dish left by the stone, but what keeps the centerline of the radius on the stone concentric to the bore? Luck? I guess it depends on what the expectations are of the finished product. My brother once cut 2" off a Ruger 44 mag barrel. He used a hacksaw and a mill file to square it back up. Before he did this that gun would shoot 2 cylinders of 1500 fps 225 gr bullets into a 1-1/4" group at 50 ft all day long. I know because I sold him the gun. Afterwards...it shot the same way. Some are real good with their hands - me I would never have tried that.

Just my opinion FWIW.

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I tried it on an expendable mosin-nagant barreled action. I wanted a cheap way to recrown some barrels. It did not work for me. I used a round ball stone and a drill. It did cut, but I ended up cutting a lopsided crown. Maybe it was just my technique, but I wouldn't recommend it on anything of value unless you first try it on scrap barrels.


Afterward, I used the pan head bolt and polishing compound. That did the polishing job nicely, but I still had a lopsided crown.


If I do recrown my barrels, I will buy the correct tool or take it to a gunsmith.



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I will use just a round head bass bolt and lapping compund to clean up a crown.


Not having a lathe I will shorten a barrel and then use a hand reamer purchased from Brownell's to cut the muzzle square after cutting it the barrel off with a hacksaw. The reamer has interchangable bore spuds. I use a file to clean up any chatter marks on the muzzle. I again then use a round headed brass screw and lapping compund to create the crown. This leaves a square muzzle with a light crown like on a classic German sporting rifle.


On a model 71/84 Mauser that I shortened the barrel on by 1/4" I did not have a spud for my hand reamer that fit the .43 caliber bore so I faced the muzzle square using a machinests square and a file and again did the crown with a round headed brass screw and lapping compound.


The above methods work just fine.


I don't think I would use the Steve's round grind stone method though.



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